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Welcone to my blog!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Goal setting made easy, fast & fun" available on Amazon December 1!

It's never too late to achieve the happiness and success you've only dreamed about!

With the help of this workbook you'll reach your dreams and achieve the succuess and happiness you've always wanted faster and easier than you ever thought possible!  This book will help you define what success really means to you, create your mission statement and develop an Action Plan for Success tailored specifically for you.

It gives you the tools needed for success, including, visualization, positive affirmations, nightly meditation, and the Law of Attraction. It addresses topics like,  how to develop a burning desire, patience, persistence and determination, being accountable, surrounding yourself with the right people, letting go and forgiveness and celebrating your success. 

This book will be your first step in creating the life of your dreams!

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