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Welcone to my blog!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Four types of twitters identified on Twitter.

Research tells us there are four types of individuals that "Tweet" on Twitter.  This is important information to know if we are promoting ourselves or our product or Twitter.

1. Sharers - They find useful information on Twitter and than share it with their followers.  They create hyperlinks to interesting articles and re-treat them to their followers.

2. Conversationalists - They spend most of their time in conversation with their followers;

3. Marketers - These individuals are promoting themselves or their product on Twitter.

4. Followers - These people follow the newsfeeds of "Sharers" for important trends or information.

Most twitters are a blend of two or more.  Which one are you?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My three new blogs to assist us all on our journey to happiness and success!

"How to Happiness and success" is all about happiness and success and challenges us to live, love, laugh and grow together and become the best we can be!  http://howtohappinessandsuccess.blogspot.com

In "How to Happiness!" we celebrate happiness and all things "how to." We'll discuss an infinite number of topics, including, how to be happy, how to be successful, how to be a writer, how to write and sell your romance novel, how to look younger, and many more.  http://howtohappiness-Colleen.blogspot.com

"Single s - love and dating over 40!"  Is not your typical over 40 dating website.  You won't find Mr. Right here!  You'll find you are Ms. Right!  You'll discover not just secrets and tips for dating over 40 but how to live a happy, healthy and active life over 40, as well.   http://bestdating-over40.blogspot.com

"Positivequotes" is where we explore all things positive!  The Secret!  The Law of Attraction! Positive thinking!  Positive affirmations and more!  You'll find both inspiration and affirmation here. Travel with us on our journey to a happier, healthier life!  http://positivequotes-Colleen.blogspot.com

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Goal setting made easy, fast & fun" available on Amazon December 1!

It's never too late to achieve the happiness and success you've only dreamed about!

With the help of this workbook you'll reach your dreams and achieve the succuess and happiness you've always wanted faster and easier than you ever thought possible!  This book will help you define what success really means to you, create your mission statement and develop an Action Plan for Success tailored specifically for you.

It gives you the tools needed for success, including, visualization, positive affirmations, nightly meditation, and the Law of Attraction. It addresses topics like,  how to develop a burning desire, patience, persistence and determination, being accountable, surrounding yourself with the right people, letting go and forgiveness and celebrating your success. 

This book will be your first step in creating the life of your dreams!